About us


The Flavor and Fragrance business (est. 2002) at Golden Frog is dedicated to providing high quality materials for use within the Food, Cosmetic, and Beverage industries. We supply materials for use directly to food  and fragrance manufacturers. We produce thousands of custom formulations using different ingredients for flavorings and fragrances. By simply contacting us, we can provide you with descriptions, samples, and pricing.

At our main manufacturing and research facility (5000 sq meters) located in the Viet Nam, Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), we are constantly developing new ingredients flavors and fragrances that create advantages for our customers. At our secondary production facility we harvest and process indigenous raw materials for consumption.

Our talented research staff continues to broaden our portfolio of ingredients and fragrances in new and unique ways based on our extensive expertise in theViet Nam market.

Because of our strong raw material supply base and manufacturing efficiencies we are able to provide competitive pricing on all of our products without sacrificing quality. Quality that is documented well within our ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certifications.

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