Research & Development





The Research and Development team is the driving force behind the Creativity and Innovation at Golden Frog. 

The diversity of our team is the core of our philosophy and ensures that, East meets West in a harmonious, balanced approach.

We possess the talent and culinary nomenclature of both regions, and are highly supported with western technology and education. 

You can expect us to take innovative and creative approaches using locally sourced raw materials at every opportunity to remain price sensitive.

We guarantee not only accurate analysis of flavors, and competitive alternatives, but also flexibility for short turn around times.

Golden Frog’s R&D team partners with many top food manufactures in the region because we are from the region with many life times of local culinary vernacular. 

We are continually striving and building on local strengths and relationships in the flavor industry.

We ensure that our customer’s great products demand the resources always available in Golden Frog.

Unlike some multi national companies with a take it or leave it philosophy on product or cost. Our Research and Development is the heart of our organization and headquartered only a short distance away.

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